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Congratulations on your new pup! It is an exciting time and I am excited to train another puppy. If you have not already spoken to me by phone please give me a call 312-402-1622 so we can “meet”. Contact information is below. When you decide to sign up your pup for training with me please confirm the training by email at

Training is $50/day. Food, treats and other edibles are $5/week. Training typically lasts 2-4 weeks depending on the individual pup and the expectations of the pup’s new family. You can pay with a check at the beginning of the training or with cash when you pick up your pup.

Pick up/Drop off
If you plan to drop off your puppy at my house I am at 8025 Laramie Ave Skokie, Il 60077.

This road is I 94 and the exits closest to the house are Dempster (North) and Touhy (South). It would be nice for us to meet in person and you would be able to see your puppy’s new transition home. If you want me to pick up your puppy I charge $25 extra for the trip so the costs for the first day will be $65.

We have a fenced backyard where most of the training and fun happens. Your puppy will learn to live in a house with me, my 88 year father, two cats and a dog. He/She will get used to an age appropriate schedule of sleeping, eating, chewing, playing and pooping/peeing because that’s what puppies do! We provide a calm and reassuring environment that is good for puppies at this age but also introduce the pups to other dogs, people and new experiences.

During playtime the pups play with each other and the older dogs, chew toys, and have access to all manner of dog toys and games. We introduce them to leash wearing and walking, short car rides and a few things to do on command (sit, come in the house and down). We also work to check growling and nipping. I use positive reinforcement and a sharp noise and a loud NO that means “stop doing whatever you are doing”. I spend a lot more time distracting and entertaining the pups to avoid getting in a confrontation a technique I strongly advise using throughout your pups life.

Crate Training
All the pups are fed and sleep (naps and at night) in a crate. Crate training can be different for each puppy as individual puppies have different opinions about being in a crate! By the end of their stay they will be used to the crate and the crate schedule they are on must be continued to help with the transition to a new home.

Further Education
Even if you have raised puppies in the past there is always more to learn and techniques and recommendations change. While your puppy is in training with me I encourage you to learn as much as possible about puppy development and training. There are many good books and websites available though I highly recommend The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skete.

I am training your puppy during a certain developmental stage and you will need to continue the training through many other stages working off a foundation we have built. If you don’t continue training soon after bringing your pup home you may have to work harder with your new friend to correct problem behaviors. Additionally, I strongly advise all puppy owners to join a group class not only to continue training but also to continue socializing your pup.

I still take my adult dog to a drop in group class because it’s a fun activity for us and we are always up for learning something new and meeting new friends.

At the end of your puppies training with me I will provide you with a “report” on your puppy’s progress and any recommendations I may have about your unique pup. I will know if your puppy likes a particular game or toy and alternatively if they are afraid of something or are naughty in a certain way. This information will help you help your pup through the transition to your home and give you specific activities to enjoy or work on together.

If you have any questions please call or email me.
Contact information:
Paula Gremley

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Paula’s Puppy Training