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Please inquire by filling out an application and we will contact you by phone with details/availability after viewing your application. 


* Please view the Adoption Process and Pricing information pages (located under the “Contact” link) before submitting your application.

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    What is the reason you would like a Goldendoodle?

    Doodle Preference:
    LabradoodleGoldendoodleOpen to Both Doodles

    Do any members of your family suffer from allergies?
    Yes - SevereYes - MildNo allergies

    Please describe any other pets in the home:

    How would you describe the activity level in your home?

    What is your ideal time frame for receiving your new puppy?

    Will you provide your new pet with obedience training?

    Please let us know your Puppy Preferences as we will take them into consideration. Adopting parents are placed in sequence on the litter as the puppy deposits are tuned in.

    Which sex would you prefer?
    MaleFemaleNo Preference

    Which size do you prefer?
    *Approximate sizing:
    Mini: 15-25 lbs; 14-16 inches tall
    Medium: 30-45 lbs; 17-20 inches tall
    Standard: 50-65 lbs; 21-25 inches tall

    Which color do you prefer?
    Cream/CaramelChocolate/Cafe/ParchmentApricot/RedBlackParty/MixedI am open to other colors
    *Color shades can fluctuate and are never guaranteed.

    Where did you first learn about Midwest Goldendoodle? Please be specific...

    *Please note that your preferences listed here are not a guarantee that you will receive a new pet to exacting specifications. Many factors including genetics play a large role in size, color, coat type etc in Puppies. All references to sizing, color, and any cosmetic or physical attribute are simply estimated.

    *If you have any additional information that may assist in choosing a puppy that will compliment your family, please be sure to provide that information in the "Your Message" area below.


    *Adoption Process & Pricing information is under the “Contact” Link.